The most cutest monsters ever

Dandelion (Danu) - two-years-old bunny babe, who loves balloons, curtains, and people. Sometimes she thinks she is a cat or what even worse: dog ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Rocky - five-years-old big puppy. Never angry, always ready to get some stroke. Snowballs and branches make him grazy. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Daffy - three-years-old madame. Actually our sister´s and her boyfriend´s dog, but lives with Rocky at the moment. She is a real lap-dog, but ONLY for her owners. You, strangers, just try to touch her! ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Archie - one-year-old leopard (gecko) guy. Like a real leopard, he is really like a cat. Loves everything, that moves, especially... US.

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I think that Archie is the most choosy lizard ever…

We had to buy him crickets again ‘cause he refused to eat roaches…

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Friends :P

Friends :P

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Merry Christmas! :)

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